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Vietnamese Kitchen

Lemon grass and galangal, mini spring rolls rolled from rice dough and the indispensable fish sauce Nuoc Mam, steamed cake in banana leaves and sweetened condensed milk for Ca phe (coffee) ... no doubt we are with the Vietnamese cuisine. You will find an impressive variety of vegetable dishes here, mostly sautéed and steamy hot from a wok.

These are always accompanied by boiled rice, as well as the delicious, tender beef slices from Saigon, the pork skewers from charcoal grill or the cooked chicken with ginger. As an absolute national dish is the Pho, a strong, clear broth with rice noodles.

It is most often served with beef as Pho Bo. For Europeans rather unusual: The Pho is traditionally a breakfast dish - but tastes just as fine at lunchtime and in the evening.


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