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Tasks of our foreign organizations

Kreyenhop & Kluge leads the sales in Europe from Oyten in Germany, but also from Poland and France.

Furthermore we are distributing our authentic, Asian specialties and raw materials to the industrial sectors by various agents with long-term relationships in European countries; Denmark, Czech Republic.

In 1989 our office in Hong Kong has been established:


The tasks of our independent Asia-organizations are the following:


1. Purchasing and procurement

  • supplier relations, supplier search, supplier assessment and evaluation
  • quality assurance and goods checks
  • product search, product development, including packaging development and declaration tests
  • interface between sales organization in Germany and Europe and the manufacturers in Asia
  • Preparation and attendance of trade fair visit in Asia
  • Preparation and support of colleagues from Europe to Asia trips


2. Development of sales activities in Asia. This includes:

  • customer acquisition and customer relations management
  • construction and development of a trading range for distribution in Asia
  • development of marketing concepts for exclusive brands and private brands
  • worldwide procurement and purchasing processes
  • organization of logistics and distribution


3. Processing and monitoring of sales and purchase orders