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Interesting facts about Asian food


Abalone, are not scallops but belong to the family of housing snails.

Due to the complicated and elaborate catching procedure, this product belongs to the luxury products in the Asian cuisine.

You can serve them thinly sliced as a starter, cook them in soups with different meats, stew them with mixed vegetables and mushrooms, or marinate them in lemon juice and sesame oil.

The common and widely spread method of preparation is: Stewing them with Shiitake mushrooms and oyster Sauce.

Agar Agar

Agar is natural in taste and indigestible. This gelling agent made out of algae serves as thickening agent for example in soups or for the production of sweets etc. Add hot water to dissolve it and it produces a nice gel mass.


This thick, salty, dark-brown sauce mainly consists of fermented oysters, corn starch and caramel. As a slightly sweet seasoning agent it emphasizes the original taste of the food and goes well with meat, fish, vegetables and noodles. Another hint: It is also perfect for fried noodles in combination with soy sauce.


lat. Hericium Erinaceus is a speciality of Asian mushrooms. It is said that they