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Exquisites for Europe over 80 Years

Who we are? We are Kreyenhop & Kluge – home of rich traditions, which has traded with exotic products over three generations. From Oyten, at the edge of Bremen, we import delicious food from Asia and the Middle East for professional and hobby cooking in Germany and Europe with top quality.

 Whether in home kitchen, in gastronomy, in food retailing or industrial processing: our assortment with over 2500 articles from the food and non-food sector always offers the authentic, exotic experience of distant cultures. Among them there are brands, which holds high reputation worldwide, but also new developments, which we always create with our partners.

We owe our success to the 80 year history and the extensive expertise of our employees in Germany and the world. It starts with the sourcing, goes on in the quality assurance in the country of origin and on arrival in Germany, and ends with the modern warehouse management and delivery with our own fleet of trucks. At each step, we demand the highest quality and best service. For this, we rely on long-term partnerships - with suppliers, employees and customers.